A Community by the River

Borough of Brielle, NJ

September 22, 2014

January 20 2015

September 22nd, 2014





Mayor Nicol announced that any member of the public wishing to audio or video record a Council Meeting must give notice to the Borough Clerk prior to the meeting being recorded.

Mayor Nicol then convened the work session in compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act and recognized the Administrator, who advised Council that he had no report, but noted that he had received a proclamation that required action prior to the next meeting.

Police Commissioner Garruzzo was recognized and he announced the promotion of Patrolman Todd Gerlach to the rank of Sergeant. Patrolman Gerlach joined the department on February 10th, 2003. Since then he has become the Certified Arms Instructor and Firearms Officer. He was a member of the Monmouth County Emergency Response Team that operates under the auspices of the County Prosecutor from 2006 to 2011. Officer Gerlach served with the U.S. Army Reserves from 2005 to 2013 and he saw duty in Iraq from May 2008 to March 2009. In 2013, Officer Gerlach was recognized by MADD for his efforts in reducing drunk driving tragedies.

Chief Palmer commented that Sergeant Gerlach was a model officer and worked well with his colleagues. He was currently enrolled in a command leadership course modeled on one taught at West Point, and the Chief was confident that Sergeant Gerlach would continue to excel.

Sergeant Gerlach thanked the Mayor and Council, Chief Palmer and all his friends and family members for their support.

The Mayor and Council unanimously congratulated Patrolman Gerlach on his promotion and wished him the best. Mayor did cite the presence of retired Sergeant Grant Kitchenman and warned Sergeant Gerlach that, by the time he was ready to retire he looked like Grant.

Engineer Hilla was recognized and he advised Council of the County’s Mitigation Plan. This was the second of three scheduled appearances on the topic to ensure that the public was aware of and provided an opportunity to comment on the plan.

Mr. Hilla explained that the goal of the plan was to provide mitigation strategies, to address the greatest risks, to create safer more resilient communities and to ensure that mitigation actions were directly linked to risk.

In Brielle’s case there were 200 single family homes within the 100 yard flood zone that could face flooding due to extreme storm events, sea level rise and climate change. The estimated cost to raise PAGE 78

these homes is $20 million dollars.

The Borough also has bulkhead mitigation issues that could best be addressed through multiple restoration projects. The failure of any one of the bulkheads could result in adjacent properties being undermined. This cost was put at $750,000.

A major reason for making this assessment and including same in the County Mitigation Plan is to ensure that Brielle is eligible for Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) should these funds become available.

The Engineer did note that FEMA had received 216 application for a total of $232 million dollars from 30 applicants of which some $90.5 million was allocated to 21 applicants. So the competition for funding was fierce, but if an assessment isn’t made and included in the mitigation plan, then Brielle would not be eligible for any funding under the program.

Councilman Nolan asked what standard was used to determine the 200 potentially impacted homes. Mr. Hilla said he used APE standards that were more stringent than those used by FEMA.

Mayor Nicol then read the following proclamation (see insertion).

October 10, 2014, has been declared “Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day” by the Borough of Brielle Police Department

WHEREAS, Across the nation, traffic crashes caused approximately 34,000 fatalities in 2012, and are the leading cause of death for young people ages 15 to 34; and,

WHEREAS, In New Jersey, 542 individuals lost their lives in traffic crashes in 2013; and,

WHEREAS, Alcohol-related crashes accounted for 22.5 percent of the State's traffic fatalities, while 26 percent of all fatal crashes involved traveling at unsafe speeds; and,

WHEREAS, Motorcyclists, bicycle riders and pedestrians face increased risks on New Jersey's roadways, as people opt for alternative modes of transportation; and,

WHEREAS, 57 motorcyclists, 14 bicyclists and 132 pedestrians were killed in New Jersey in traffic-related crashes in 2013; and,

WHEREAS, Safer driving behaviors such as buckling up, every ride; obeying posted speed limits; stopping for pedestrians in crosswalks and using crosswalks when walking; avoiding aggressive driving behaviors; never driving impaired; wearing proper safety gear when riding a motorcycle or bicycle; and, focusing solely on driving by avoiding distractions, can dramatically reduce the number of traffic-related injuries and deaths;

Now, therefore be it resolved that the Borough of Brielle declares its support for Put the Brakes on PAGE 79

Fatalities Day, which will occur on the October 10, 2014, and call upon everyone to put these lifesaving behaviors into practice to improve safety on the roadways in our community and throughout the State.

There being no further comments from Council or the Public, the work session was adjourned at 7:40 p.m. on a motion by Councilman Gianforte, seconded by Nolan.





Following a moment of silent prayer, a salute to the flag and a roll call, the Minutes of the September 8th, 2014 Regular meeting were approved on a motion by Councilman Gorham seconded by Councilman Shaak; all aye; no nays. Passed (Note: Councilman Gorham abstained)

Councilman Visceglia seconded by Councilman Gorham, introduced Resolution 14-85 For Payment of Bills. Be It Resolved, that the following bills be paid, and that the Mayor or President of Council be authorized to draw orders on the Chief Finance Officer for payment of the bills of September 22nd, 2014, as reviewed by the Finance Committee and as listed on the Resolution and the Computer Bill List amended thereto. Vote: Councilmen Garruzzo, Gianforte, Gorham, Nolan, Shaak & Visceglia; all aye. No nays. Passed

The Mayor then called for committee reports and recognized Councilman Gianforte who had no report. Councilman Nolan advised that the Board of Recreation sponsored Coaster Derby would take place at 1:00 pm on September 27th. The annual chili cook-off would be held on October 19th, application must be in by October 10th. Councilman Nolan also congratulated the Scouts for their job in cleaning Nienstedt Island.

Councilman Nolan noted that authors of historical fiction Kate Manning, “My Notorious Life” and Christina Baker Kline “Orphan Train” will be at the Library on October 2nd at 7:00 pm. On October 8th twenty cooks will participate in “Is it Sauce or is it Gravy” with dipping bread provided by Joe Leone.

Councilman Garruzzo reiterated his praise for Sergeant Todd Gerlach and then cited a recent encounter with a resident who praised the Police and First Aid Squad for their prompt response to a medical emergency at his home. As the recipient of their services he had nothing but praise for their efficiency and professionalism, a sentiment Councilman Garruzzo shared.

Councilmen Shaak, Gorham & Visceglia having no report, the meeting was open to the public and Janice Hendricks, 615 Leslie Avenue, was recognized and she advised the Council of deficiencies at Carpenters Park enumerating damaged spring rides and a malfunctioning gate that was all that separated children in the park from the NJ Transit Tracks adjacent to the park.

Ms. Hendricks also asked Council if the Planning Board would consider moving their October 14th meeting to larger venue as the Council Chamber held only 97 people and given the community interest in one of the applications a large crowd should be anticipated.


Council promised to pursue both matters.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm on a motion by Councilman Shaak, seconded by Councilman Garruzzo.

Approved: October 13th, 2014

Thomas F. Nolan
Municipal Clerk