A Community by the River

Borough of Brielle, NJ

September 8, 2014

January 20 2015

September 8th, 2014





Mayor Nicol convened the work session in compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act and recognized the Administrator, who advised Council that he had no report.

Mayor Nicol then read a Proclamation (see insertion).
Whereas, the Borough of Brielle has been formed in compliance with the applicable statues, and
Whereas, it is fitting and proper for a municipal corporation to recognize the achievements of its residents, and
Whereas, STORM, a team of girls from Brielle, Manasquan, Spring Lake Heights & Wall Township won three games in the Section 3 Tournament and then advanced to the State Tournament and won the State Championship by defeating Parsippany/Troy Hills in a thrilling 12 -10 come-from-behind victory, and
Whereas, Storm then advanced to the Eastern Regional Tournament, where they compiled a 3-2 won-lost record, and
Whereas, such an achievement is indeed worthy of commemoration
Now Therefore Be Proclaimed, that September 8th, 2014 be designated as Storm Day in the Borough of Brielle.

Copies of the Proclamation were then presented to the following members of the team.

Kim Sorg Victoria Mahoney Erin Nolan
Emily Burtnick Hannah Kniffin Brianna Murdoch
Grace McNamara Taylor Schultz Camryn McTighe
Phoebe Mervine Brianne Milza Courtney Mahoney
Jessica Collinson Kennedi Kology

The Manager of the team is Jeffrey Kniffin who is assisted by Coaches John Schultz, Mike Milza and Tom Mahoney.

Councilman Nolan noted that 480 teams had participated in the tournament and the girl’s achievement was truly noteworthy, as a parent shouted out “Heck of a job! Do it again next year.”

Mayor Nicol added that Jessica Collinson was the granddaughter of a former mayor.

There being no further comments, the work session was adjourned at 7:40 p.m. on a motion by Councilman Shaak, seconded by Nolan.





Following a moment of silent prayer, a salute to the flag and a roll call, the Minutes of the August 25th, 2014 Regular meeting were approved on a motion by Councilman Gianforte seconded by Councilman Nolan; all aye; no nays. Passed

Councilman Garruzzo seconded by Councilman Nolan, introduced Resolution 14-83 for Passage of the Consent Agenda.

A. To authorize the Mayor and Clerk to execute a professional service agreement with the Rogers Group, LLC. Re: Police Accreditation, at a cost of $39,000
B. To declare an “emergency” in compliance with N.J.S.A.19:44A-20.12 re: emergency repairs to batting cages, vandalized just prior to Brielle Day.
C. (see insertion)
D. (see insertion)

Vote: Councilmen Garruzzo, Gianforte, Nolan, Shaak and Visceglia; all aye, No nays. Passed (Note: Mary Lou Bolger, Leslie Avenue, inquired about the batting cages and she was advised that they had been vandalized just prior to Brielle Day and, given the high usage of the park and its facilities on that day, it was necessary to fix the problem immediately without benefit of the normal procurement procedure.)

Councilman Visceglia seconded by Councilman Gorham, introduced Resolution 14-84 For Payment of Bills. Be It Resolved, that the following bills be paid, and that the Mayor or President of Council be authorized to draw orders on the Chief Finance Officer for payment of the bills of September 8th, 2014, as reviewed by the Finance Committee and as listed on the Resolution and the Computer Bill List amended thereto. Vote: Councilmen Garruzzo, Gianforte, Nolan, Shaak & Visceglia; all aye. No nays. Passed

The Mayor then called for committee reports and recognized Councilman Shaak who reminded the public that Bulk Pick-up would be the week of October 13th. Black top repairs were continuing and the Borough had benefited from a shared service agreement with Monmouth County for the use of their street sweeper. Councilman Shaak also cited a lighting strike on Saturday evening that knocked the water plant off-line and resulted in brown water. He apologized for any inconvenience.

Robert McArthur had been appointed to SWAC, the Monmouth County Solid Waste Advisory Council and the DPW would be working with the Boy Scouts and Ocean Conservancy to clean-up PAGE 75

Nienstedt Island. Clean Communities would be supplying clean-up supplies.

Councilman Garruzzo had no report. Councilman Nolan advised that the Brielle Day Dash had been held in the park to avoid traffic issues and to enhance safety and it had been a great success with over two hundred participants. Flag Football was off to a great start as was the tennis program. The movie “Cars” would be shown “outside” on September 19th and the Coaster Derby would be held on September 27th. The Library book sale had been a success and on October 8th, in cooperation with Joe Leone, the Library would once again hold the “Is It Sauce or is it Gravy” instructional program. In closing, Councilman Nolan stated that flu shots would be given at Curtis House on September 26th from 1:00 to 3:00 pm.

Councilman Gianforte had no report, but he noted that Brielle Day had been a great success and he was proud to be part of the community.

The meeting was opened to the public and Jim Stenson, 810 Rathjen Road was recognized. Mr. Stenson praised Jeff Ely and the DPW for an outstanding job on Brielle Day. Ms. Stenson added her thanks and that of the Woman’s Club for their kind assistance throughout the day.

Mary Lou Bolger, 617 Leslie Avenue, cited the “no-knock” list, but noted that she had literature from a religious organization placed on her doorstep twice. Ms. Bolger was advised to call the police if this should happen again. The group would be advised of the list and the requirements of the ordinance, but the police had to know that a violation had taken place. Ms. Bolger explained that she had not been home when the incident took place and found the literature after the fact. She suggested that the group be contacted by the Borough and informed of municipal requirements as to solicitations.

Taylor LaTourette, 336 Fisk Avenue, urged Council to remove the berm at the Brielle Beach site.

Mayor Nicol stated that the Council would not take any action prior to a ruling by the NJDEP, but if the Borough could remove the berm it would be removed.

Dan Dougherty, 622 Borrie Avenue, cited the benefits of the kayak rack and he urged Council to petition CAFRA to permit the sandy path to remain as it facilitated beach access for small watercraft and fishing. Regardless of the need for any permits, he thought the site was a success and he hoped to see more kayak racks at the site as the existing rack was being heavily utilized.

Mr. Dougherty also asked if “Brielle Beach” was the official name of the area. No one knew and the question would be referred to the Borough Historian.

Mary Lou cited the tennis program and noted that it was for children. She urged the Board of Recreation to consider more programs for adults and seniors. Councilman Nolan cited the Christmas Bus Trip to New York City and the annual trip to a Mets Game as examples of “mixed” use by both children and adults, but offered to discuss the issue further with the Board of Recreation.

Ms. Bolger also voiced a concern over the use of the Library by a Yoga Instructor and queried as to the financial benefit of the classes to the Library. She feared that public money was being used to offset costs that should be borne by the instructor i.e. electricity, rental space etc. Ms. Bolger also wondered as to liability insurance.

Councilman Nolan believed that there was a “quid pro quo” via a cost per student fee paid by the yoga instructor to the Library and liability insurance was in place.

Ms. Bolger was also concerned that the high usage by the yoga program was monopolizing the library’s resources and shutting out other potential programs. Councilman Nolan promised to review the matter.

Dave Dupre 1016 Riverview Drive reminded those assembled that September 13th would be the annual 9/11 Celebration.

Sal Petrosino, 501 Magnolia Avenue, stated that he was not pleased by any of the discussions regarding Brielle Beach and he believed that it should be left in its natural state.

Councilman Gorham and Visceglia having no reports and there being no public comment the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm on a motion by Councilman Shaak, seconded by Councilman Visceglia.

Approved: September 22nd, 2014

Thomas F. Nolan
Municipal Clerk

Resolution No.:14-83-C
Date: September 8th, 2014

WHEREAS, a number of public entities in the State of New Jersey have joined together to form the Central Jersey Health Insurance Fund, hereafter referred to as "FUND", as permitted by N.J.S.A. 11:15-3, 17:1¬8.1, and 40A:10-36 et seq., and;
WHEREAS, the FUND was approved to become operational by the Departments of Insurance and Community Affairs and has been operational since that date, and;
WHEREAS, the statutes and regulations governing the creation and operation of a joint insurance fund, contain certain elaborate restrictions and safeguards concerning the safe and efficient administration of the public interest entrusted to such a FUND;
WHEREAS, the governing body of the Borough of Brielle, hereinafter referred to as "LOCAL
UNIT" has determined that membership in the FUND is in the best interest of the LOCAL UNIT.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the governing body of the LOCAL UNIT hereby agrees as follows:
I. Become a member of the FUND for the period outlined in the LOCAL UNIT's Indemnity and Trust Agreements.
II. Will participate in the following type (s) of coverage (s):
a) Health Insurance as defined pursuant to N.J.S.A. 17B:17-4, the FUND's Bylaws, and Plan of Risk Management.
III. Adopts and approves the FUND's Bylaws.
IV. Execute an application for membership and any accompanying certifications.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the governing body of the LOCAL UNIT is authorized and directed to execute the Indemnity and Trust Agreement and such other documents signifying membership in the FUND as required by the FUND's Bylaws, and to deliver these documents to the FUND's Executive Director with the express reservation that these documents shall become effective only upon:
i. Approval of the LOCAL UNIT by the FUND.
ii. Receipt from the LOCAL UNIT of a Resolution accepting assessment.
iii. Approval by the New Jersey Department of Insurance and Department of Community Affairs.
ADOPTED: September 8th, 2014

Mayor Thomas B. Nicol

Thomas F. Nolan, Municipal Clerk

Resolution No.: 14-83-D Date:
September 8th, 2014

Resolution of the Borough of Brielle

Whereas, in March, 2013 the South Monmouth Regional Sewerage Authority submitted a "letter of intent" to the Monmouth County Office of Emergency Management requesting funds through that agency's Mitigation Program in order to procure two (2) six inch by-pass pumps @ a projected cost of $30,000 each, along with an additional $20,000 to cover the cost of ancillary equipment, for a total request of $80,000, and

Whereas, the process requires that SMRSA secure these funds through a fiduciary agent, a municipality that is a member of SMRSA and a jurisdiction that is part of the County-wide "Hazard Mitigation Plan", and

Whereas, the Borough of Brielle is a municipal corporation, formed in compliance with the applicable statutes and a member of SMRSA and a participant in the county-wide Hazard Mitigation Plan, and

Whereas, the Borough of Brielle is willing to act as the fiduciary agent for SMRSA.

Now Therefore Be It Resolved, that the Borough of Brielle and the South Monmouth Regional Sewerage Authority do hereby enter into an inter-local/shared service agreement whereby the Borough of Brielle shall act as the fiduciary agent to secure the aforementioned grant and SMRSA shall undertake the responsibility for the procurement of the equipment in compliance with state statute.

Moved By: Seconded By:

Vote: Councilmen Garruzzo, Gianforte, Nolan, Shaak & Visceglia. All Aye. No nays. Passed. Absent: Councilman Gorham

The foregoing is a true copy of a Resolution passed by the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Brielle at a meeting held at Borough Hall, 601 Union Lane, Brielle, New Jersey, on September 8th 2014.

Witness my Hand and Seal of the Borough of Brielle this 9th day of September 2014.

Thomas F. Nolan
Municipal Clerk