A Community by the River

Borough of Brielle, NJ

April 23, 2012

May 22 2012

April 23, 2012

Agenda April 23rd, 2012. Work Session: Start 7:30 p.m.

Compliance Statement

Administrator’s Report.

Motion to Adjourn

Regular Meeting: Start 7:30 p.m.

Compliance Statement.

To accept and file the Minutes of the April 9th, 20012

Resolution 12-52 Adoption of the 2012 Municipal Budget

Resolution 12-53 Consent Agenda.
Resolution 12-54 Payment of Bills.

Mayor announces that the time has arrived for the introduction and passage on first reading of a “bond ordinance providing an appropriation of $400,000 for miscellaneous improvements for and by the borough of Brielle, in the county of Monmouth, State of New Jersey, and authorizing
the issuance of $485,500.00 bonds or notes of the Borough of Brielle for financing part of the appropriation.

Resolution 12-55 Passage on introduction and first reading
Resolution 12-56 51 to authorize publication in coast star for a hearing to be held at 7:30pm, May 14th, 2012 at Borough Hall

Mayor announces that the time has arrived for a hearing and further consideration of 'an ordinance to amend chapter 13 of the code of the borough of Brielle entitled "parks & recreational facilities

Motion to open the hearing
Motion to close the hearing

12-57 for passage and adoption on final reading

12-58 to authorize publication of passage and adoption in the coast star according to law.

Committee reports.
Public portion.
Motion to adjourn.

consent agenda
a. to memorialize the hiring of Karen June Vantuono of brick as a school crossing guard.
b. to approve raffle application ra:2012-7, rotary of Spring Lake, off-site so/50, September 8th, 2012,@4:00 pm in Brielle Park.
c. to authorize the Monmouth county mosquito commission to apply pesticides from aircraft to control mosquitoes over portions of Brielle.
d. to re-adopt the borough's local community civil rights resolution.
e. to declare an emergency re: water main break Oceanview road.
f. to approve raffle application 2012-8, The Order of the Evergreen, Ocean County, on-premise so/50, June 11th , 2012 @ MRGC.
g. to approve raffle application 2012-9, The Order of the
Evergreen, Ocean County, on-premise gift auction, June 11th, 2012@ MRGC.
h. to authorize the renewal of liquor license #1308-31-013-001, Brielle Fire Co. #1 inc. and to waive the application fee.
i. to declare the period May 21st to June 3rd, click it or ticket awareness days.
j. to hire Nancy-Jo Zimmermann to provide part-time janitorial services.
k. to authorize the renewal of liquor license #1308-33-001-008, JP's restaurant.
l. to permit VFW post #1838 to conduct their annual buddy/poppy drive in Brielle during the month of may, 2012.
m. to employ BRB services for NJ tax court matters, block 107.d1, lot 6 & 6.01, block 87, lots 5 & 5.01 and block 106 lots 1.01, 1.03 & 2.01 and all future tax appeals throughout 2012. All matters listed above are considered to be routine in nature by the council and shall be enacted by one resolution. Should any member of the council, or member of the public, wish separate discussion of any of the resolutions or motions listed above, that resolution or motion shall be removed and discussed separately.

12-53 for passage of the consent agenda.