A Community by the River

Borough of Brielle, NJ

January 10, 2012

January 27 2012

January 10, 2012



Call To Order 7:30 PM
Salute to the Flag
Sunshine Statement
Silent Prayer
Roll Call

Appointments to Planning Board
Class I, Mayor Thomas B. Nicol through 12/31 /12
Class II, James Langenberger, _Jr. through 12/31 /12
Class III, Councilman Frank A. Garruzzo through 12/31/12
Class IV, James Harman through 12/31 /15
Class IV, Terre Vitale through 12/31 /15
Alternate #2, Gina Murdoch through 12/31/13
Alternate #3, Nicholas Stango through 12/31 /13
Alternate #4, Spencer Thornton through 12/31/12

Nomination and Election of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary

Appointment of: Administrative Secretary & Recording Secretary

Resolutions: Attorney/Engineer Appointments, Meeting Dates, Official Newspapers

Approval of Minutes: December 13, 2011

Coorespondence: Request from Richard & Myra Strucek to extend subdivision approval for 528 Longstreet Avenue.

Letter from Michal Ping to Code Enforcement regarding parking problems along Old Bridge Road, site of Alpha-Omega property/Dance for Joy.

Copy of Notice to D.E.P. regarding Hoffman's Marina Dock "B" Replacement

On file in Board Office: Panhandle Region Plan from the Monmouth County Planning Board

Correspondence from Frank Accisano, Esq. regarding Mariner's Bend.

NEW BUSINESS: Application for Variance for Block 12, Lot 2.01, 609 Legg Place, owned by Michael & Amy Perry, to allow construction of a roof over an existing rear porch. Building Coverage - 20% allowed, 20.3% proposed, .3% variance requested.

Application for Site Plan approval for Block 90, Lot 1 & Block 91, Lot 1, 843 Riverview Drive, Manasquan River Golf Club, to allow construction a two-story addition to the existing clubhouse & a new patio. Variance requested for parking issue (Engineer's report of 12/20/1 1 , page 3, Code Section 21-32.3).

Application for Use Variance for Block 73.01, Lots 88.01, 405 Riverview Lane, Manasquan River Yacht Club, to allow construction of a two-story sailing Center. Non-Conforming Use in a Single Family Residential Zone, Use Variance required. Parking - Variance needed for up to 73 vehicles for proposed expansion of nonconforming use. Minimum Setback of 5 feet from driveway to an abutting property line - existing driveway is at or near adjoining property line to North.