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Borough of Brielle, NJ

July 12, 2010

September 01 2010

July 12, 2010





Mayor Nicol convened the work session in compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act and recognized the Administrator who advised that he had nothing to report, but he asked permission to add a resolution to the consent agenda to declare an emergency relative to the repair of a pump at one of the sewer pump stations. The repair was made by Pumping Services, Inc. at a cost of $3,974.60.

William Brannick, 805 Schoolhouse Road asked about consent agenda resolution "A" and the Administrator advised that it was redemption of a Tax Title Lien and was a "pass-through" that cost the Borough nothing.

There being no further comments the work session was adjourned at 7:39 p.m. on a motion by Coun. Shaak, seconded by Coun. Nolan.


MINUTES JULY 12th, 2010 START: 7:10 P.M.



Following a moment of silent prayer, a salute to the flag and a roll call, the Minutes of the June 28th, 2010 Meeting were approved on a motion by Coun. Garruzzo seconded by Coun. Nolan; all aye; no nays. Passed.

Coun. Scott, seconded by Coun. Nolan, introduced Resolution 10-62 to modify the May 13th, 2010 Resolution re: Board of Education (see insertion). Vote: Coun. Gorham, Nolan, Scott & Visceglia: aye. Coun. Garruzzo: nay. Coun. Shaak abstained.

Richard Bolger, 2 Waters' Edge, asked if the Board had accepted the offer and Coun. Visceglia advised that it had.

Coun. Garruzzo, seconded by Coun. Nolan introduced Resolution 10-63 for passage of the Consent Agenda.

A. To authorize the release of Tax Title Lien 2009-01, in the amount of $22,493.47 re: Block 20.01, Lot 3, and to return the premium of $6,000.00.
B. To declare an emergency re: repair to sewer pump by Pumping Services, Inc., at a cost of $3,974.60.

Vote: Coun. Garruzzo, Gorham, Nolan, Scott, Shaak & Visceglia; all aye. No nays. Passed.

Coun. Visceglia, seconded by Coun. Gorham, introduced Resolution 10-64 for Payment of Bills. Be It Resolved, that the following bills be paid, and that the Mayor or President of Council be authorized to draw orders on the Chief Finance Officer for payment of the bills of July 12th, 2010, as reviewed by the Finance Committee and as listed on the Resolution and the Computer Bill List amended thereto. Vote: Coun. Garruzzo, Gorham, Nolan, Scott, Shaak & Visceglia; all aye. No nays. Passed.

Mayor Nicol called for Committee Reports and recognized Coun. Scott who addressed the reduction in the DPW work-force and the potential impact on the delivery of services. The Councilwoman reminded the public that municipalities such as Middletown were limiting brush collection and that the Borough might have to entertain similar restrictions at some point.

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Coun. Scott also cited the recent review by the County of all fifty-three municipalities regarding their recycling programs and, although the Borough received high marks in most areas, enforcement remained a problem. Coun. Scott intended to make a coordinated effort to address this issue with the Recycling Coordinator, Code Enforcement and the Police Department.

In closing, Coun. Scott was pleased to report that the “Welcome To Brielle" sign had been replaced as the result of an automobile accident and that the new sign now featured the original "white sails" on the Brielle Sail Boat as envisioned by the designer, Ms. Jean Holmes.

Coun. Nolan advised that the Brielle Library Association would be conducting a "Game Night" from 5:00 to 6:30 pm starting July 8th. A screening of "To Kill A Mockingbird" would be held on Wednesday, July 21St @ 1:00 pm. The yoga and other exercise programs continued to be popular.

Turning to Recreation, Coun. Nolan cited 125 registrations for the "Flag Football League" and he reminded the public that the Brielle Dash would be held on Friday, September 10th.

In closing, Coun. Nolan noted that erosion problems were occurring at Nienstedt Island and the Environmental Commission was investigating the situation and would be making recommendations in the near future.

Coun. Garruzzo informed the public that Tru-TV had ridden with police patrols on June 17th through the 19th and again on July 1" through 4th and July 8th & 10th. The footage would be shown later in the year on their show "Over the Limit". All footage would be reviewed by the Chief of Police prior to airing and release forms were secured from any individuals involved in a scene. So far $3,500.00 has been donated to the Borough by Tru-TV.

During the month of June the Department had 20 Adult Arrests including 4 DWI, 1 Burglary, 4 Narcotics possession, 1 simple assault, 1 defiant trespass, 1 insurance fraud and 7 warrants. Two juveniles were also arrested for possession of narcotics.

Coun. Shaak, Gorham & Visceglia having no reports, the meeting was open to the public and the chair recognized Richard Bolger 2 Water's Edge who compared the Council's addressing of the school budget issue to a guard who held Michael Jordan to 32 points, in other words they made the best of bad situation.

Mr. Bolger noted that while the Council reduced the budget by $133,500 the 2009 budget had been 11.1 million and the 2010 budget would be $11,938,00.00.

Mr. Bolger, a former Councilman, reminded the Council that, of the sending districts to Manasquan High School, only Brielle and Belmar had a tax increase. In essence, he said that the Council had not
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really cut the 2009 budget of 11.1 million, but added $800,000 to it and yet, he added, the failure of Question #2 had resulted in the elimination of vital extracurricular activities.
Mr. Bolger pointed out that, had the two budget questions passed, the school budget would have increased to $12,492,000, a 12.1 % increase, but even with the reductions, the increase was 7.2% and that did not include the programs cut due to the failure of question #2.

Returning to the issue of the sending districts, Mr. Bolger noted that only Belmar & Brielle had increased, but Belmar's increase was 1.6%; he believed that something was not right in the management of the Brielle School and he urged the Council to appoint a liaison to the School Board to ensure a better understanding of their budget process.

Coun. Visceglia asked Mr. Bolger if the $800,000 in question could be attributed to the loss of the state aid? Mr. Bolger acknowledged that he had not factored that into the equation, but pointed out that the school budget did not take into consideration issues such as maternity leave whereby a senior teacher could be out for a year and be replaced by a substitute teacher at a lesser salary.

Janice Wurfel, 506 Green Avenue, thanked the Brielle Police for their due diligence when she had been speaking to her daughter on a long-distance call and been cut-off. Her daughter was concerned and had called 911. The Police had then contacted her and followed up the call with a visit to ensure that she was safe. Ms. Wurfel complimented the Department for their concern.

There being no further questions, the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm on a motion by Coun. Garruzzo, seconded by Coun. Visceglia.

Approved: July 26th, 2010. _________________________
Thomas F. Nolan Municipal Clerk