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Borough of Brielle, NJ

July 28, 2008

December 19 2008

July 28, 2008





Mayor Nicol convened the work session in compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act and recognized the Administrator who advised that he had nothing to report.

The work session was adjourned at 7:31 p.m. on a motion by Coun. Shaak, seconded by Coun. Garruzzo.

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MINUTES JULY 28TH, 2008 START: 7:32:P.M.



Following a moment of silent prayer, a salute to the flag and a roll call, the Minutes of the July 14th, 2008 meeting were approved on a motion by Coun. Scott seconded by Coun. Gorham; all aye; no nays. Passed.

Coun. Garruzzo, seconded by Coun. Nolan introduced Resolution 08-72 for passage of the Consent Agenda.


A. To authorize an "Emergency" re: replacement of air conditioning unit @ Brielle Police Department.
B. To approve Change Order No. 2 re: Rankin Road Capital Improvement Project, in the amount of $32,538.29.


Vote: Coun. Bolger, Garruzzo, Gorham, Nolan, Scott & Shaak; all aye. No nays. Passed.

Coun. Gorham, seconded by Coun. Garruzzo, introduced Resolution 08-73 for Payment of Bills. Be It Resolved, that the following bills be paid, and that the Mayor or President of Council be authorized to draw orders on the Chief Finance Officer for payment of the bills of July 28th, 2008, as reviewed by the Finance Committee and as listed on the Resolution and the Computer Bill List amended thereto. Vote: Coun. Bolger, Garruzzo, Gorham, Nolan, Scott & Shaak; all aye. No nays. Passed.

Mayor Nicol then called for committee reports and recognized Coun. Scott who reminded the public that the Borough does not collect grass clippings. She urged those who employed a lawn service to advise them of that fact and that there were three options, use it in your garden, cut it and leave it or take it away.

On a happier note, Coun. Scott cited the success of the Library Series of guest speakers and added that the public was "missing out" on a golden opportunity. Coun. Scott noted that, despite the sometime small crowd, the speakers were enthusiastic and made the audience feel important.
In closing she cited the Borough Attorney's presence at the last event and she urged the public to take advantage of the wonderful array of programs.

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Coun. Nolan cited the incredible hard work the Library was doing in providing these programs for the public and he reminded the public of the three dates for the annual book sale.

Coun. Nolan advised that registration for the Brielle Dash, scheduled for September 6th, was August 15th. Coun. Nolan noted that the resurfacing and repair of the tennis courts would begin within the next ten days and this would necessitate their temporary closure.

Court. Garruzzo cited the conditions imposed on the Water Taxi by the State Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control, to wit: "From 10:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m., no amplified music can be played on the licensee's vessel while it is in the Brielle "no wake" zone, as clearly marked within the waters of the Manasquan River".

Coun. Garuzo also cited the July Police Department statistics that included 29 arrests, 13 Motor Vehicle incidents and 23 First Aid calls. Coun. Garruzzo added that Chief Palmer wished to thank all those who so generously contributed to the cleaning and hygiene products shipped to Patrolman Gerlach and his unit now stationed in Iraq.

Coun. Shaak having no report, Court. Bolger echoed Coun. Scott's praise for the Library programs and stated that Kerri DiBrienza was doing an outstanding job in lining up the guest speakers; he urged residents to take advantage of this opportunity.

Coun. Bolger also cited Ms. Grace Nielsen, 620 Isham Circle, for her achievement in winning the Rescue Board event in the Junior Life Guard Tournament held in Manasquan. Her success was no mean achievement as the competition was regional and highly competitive; he offered her his congratulations.

In closing Coun. Bolger cited his attendance at Saint Barnabas Hospital for the signing of the "Heroes Act" with Senator & Former Governor Dick Cody. The Act would encourage organ donation, but more importantly it made the subject part of the educational curriculum to ensure that students were made aware of the benefits of organ donation. Coun. Bolger also cited Brielle Resident Jane Unstadter for her work in the field.

Court. Gorham noted that tax bills would be mailed within the next 48 hours and, due to the delay, the grace period had been extended to August 21St

Court. Nolan was recognized and he reminded the assembly that "Big Hearts/Little Hearts" would conduct a blood drive on August 11th between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

The meeting was opened to the public and David Dupre, 1016 Riverview Drive, asked if the tax bills were actual or estimated? The Administrator replied that they were the actual rate.

William Brannick, 805 Schoolhouse Road, inquired as to the status of two waterfront access points, Brielle Beach & Donnelly Place?

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Coun. Nolan replied that the Borough had received a partial grant from NJDEP for improvements at Brielle Beach, but the balance of the funds had not been received and the project was still pending.

Attorney Montenegro responded to Donnelly Place (Beach) and advised that a Title Search had been completed, some loose ends had to be tied up, and he hoped to have a report by the next meeting.

Fred Fastiggi, 648 Valley Road, thanked Coun. Nolan for sharing with him the information that the Council had employed in their decision not to reduce the annual school budget. However, while he appreciated the data he did not find it convincing.

He also wondered why Mayor Nicol and Coun. Gorham had not offered an alternative to Coun. Bolger's proposed reductions.

Mr. Fastiggi also voiced a concern over the Schools new Pre-Kindergarten Program and the $1,000 tuition. He noted that such a program was not mandated and while it might make sense in an inner city area, the residents of Brielle had sufficient pre-school options without the need for a taxpayer supported program. Mr. Fastiggi also believed that the $1,000 fee was not a viable market number; he added that 20 years ago his daughters had attended the Church in Brielle Nursery School at an annual cost of $960.

Mr. Fastiggi believed that, as Coun. Bolger had stated during the review process, that the school budget was inflated. Mr. Fastiggi believed that the School Board could be better managed and that goal could be achieved with an appointed Board.

In closing Mr. Fastiggi felt that the Council had missed an opportunity to demonstrate to the School the need to do more with less, but he hoped that, going forward, they would seriously entertain his proposal that the School Board should be appointed.

There being no further comment the meeting was adjourned at 7:48 p.m. on a motion by Coun. Garruzzo, seconded by Coun. Shaak.

Approved: August 11th, 2008 ________________________
Thomas F. Nolan Municipal Clerk